Paulo Emanuel Viveiros Franco, NIF 221769463, hereinafter referred to as the lessor, rents the vehicle for the agreed price under the particular conditions, with the following conditions:


1. Minimum rental period
2 days (48Hours), each extra hour will be charged €10.


2. Payment/ Deposit

  • At the time of booking, 40% of the service will be charged, including costs and fees, after confirmation of the same, the remaining amount will be charged on the day of delivery of the vehicle, payment methods will be credit card, paypal, or cash.
  • The cost of the rental, as well as the additional services you may acquire, must be paid at the beginning of the rental and will be based on the price lists in force.
  • Deposit / security deposit, a refundable deposit will be required per rental to cover any damages, the deposit amount between 300 to 800 euros depending on the vehicle.
  • Upon return of the vehicle, the Lessor will release the unused deposit amount, in accordance with the process of each banking institution, the release of the deposit may take two weeks.
  • Cancellation more than 3 days in advance of the date set for delivery of the vehicle will allow the full refund of the prepaid amount.
  • Cancellations less than 3 days prior to the date defined for the delivery of the vehicle will result in the charge of 40% of the service value of the reservation, however, the remaining final amount will not be charged.

3. Documents/ Driving License/ Minimum Age

  • The availability of the use of the vehicle to the Customer is subject to the ownership of a valid Driving License for driving in Portugal and over 20 years old, whose certification is the responsibility of the Customer.
  • On the date of delivery of the Vehicle, the driver must present a valid driving license and a credit card in his.

4. Responsibility/ Insurance

The Customer must drive the vehicle with care and prudence, not only in terms of compliance with all the rules of the Highway Code, but also in terms of preserving the state and good functioning of the vehicle. limited civil liability insurance against third parties in accordance with the laws in force in the country, travel assistance is included, a copy of which can be examined at the company’s office. It is the Lessee’s responsibility for damages caused to third parties and to the rented vehicle whenever:

  • The vehicle is driven by an unauthorized person.
  • Damage caused intentionally by the customer or by another person for whom he is responsible.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, toxic products or due to dementia.
  • Suffer acts of vandalism: damaged locks, broken fairings, or attempted theft.
  • Used in sports competitions, races, challenges, competitions, betting.

5. Personal Accident Insurance

Not included.


6. Deliveries/ Returns/ Displacements/ Extensions

  • Deliveries to Madeira Airport and Santa Cruz will cost €15 per rental, deliveries to Funchal will cost €40 per rental.
  • The collection of the vehicle, time and place will be agreed with the local agent on the day of delivery.
  • The vehicle must be delivered in the same conditions as it was rented and in conditions for the next rental.
  • If the customer intends to extend the rental, he will have to inform 24 hours in advance and will be subject to availability and authorization of the lessor.
  • In case of noncompliance, the fact will be reported to the authorities and punishable under the terms of the road code and criminal law.

7. Fuel
The vehicle is delivered to the Customer with tank full, and must be returned in the same condition, and in case of omission the value of €30 will be charged to the Customer.


8. Aptitude

The Lessor may suspend the delivery of the vehicle to the Customer if he appears to be under the influence of any substances, or under any pathological state that makes him unfit to drive vehicles.


9. Personal Data
The Lessor collects personal data from customers according to a minimalist principle, restricted to the minimum necessary for the conclusion and fulfillment of the obligations arising from this Contract, namely, name, age, gender, nationality, driving license number, address, intended to be used within the scope of the execution of this Agreement, and may eventually, and in compliance with legal obligations, be provided to judicial bodies, such as the Public Security Police and the Foreigners and Borders Service, keeping them for the period necessary to comply with legal obligations, treating them and protecting them using the best available techniques and resources.


10. Delay in delivery of the Vehicle
In case of delay in the delivery of the vehicle, the Customer is subject to payment to the Lessor of a daily compensation in the amount of € 100, until the effective delivery of the vehicle.


11. Porto Santo

Departures to Porto Santo are subject to the permission of the lessor, an extra daily fee of €20 will be charged. An unauthorized departure will be penalized with a fine of €150.


12. Administrative Fee and Fines
If the customer is penalized with a traffic offense, including parking fines, an administrative fee of 30€ will be charged together with the minimum amount of the fine. The customer will be responsible for paying all road violations that occur during the rental period.


13. Vehicle capacity

It is not allowed to exceed the vehicle capacity, which appears in the DUA, if it happens, it will be the sole responsibility of the lessee.


14. Accidents/ Damage/ Robbery
In case of accident, loss, damage or theft, the occurrence must be immediately reported to the competent police authorities and to the Lessor.

  • do not leave said vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it.
  • Call an ambulance in case of injuries.
  • Fill out the friendly statement and obtain the maximum amount of data from those involved in the current claim.
  • Ccontact travel assistance.
  • The Lessor is not responsible before the client or any passenger, for the loss or material damage caused to personal belongings transported or left in the vehicle, either during the rental period or after it.
  • The Lessor is not responsible for accidents that are not reported to the police.

15. Malfunctions
In the event of a breakdown, you must contact the lessor as soon as possible, as well as travel assistance and provide the necessary data correctly as requested.

  • The Lessor will not be responsible for loss of time or commitments due to the fact the customer has suffered an accident or breakdown of the vehicle.

16. Documents/ Tools/ Helmets/ Keys

The vehicle documents must always remain inside the vehicle, in order to prevent them from being lost. In case of loss during the rental period, the Lessee will be held responsible and will have to pay the Lessor €250 as compensation.

  • The Lessee will also be responsible for any fines or fines for the lack of documents in the vehicle.
  • Missing tools and helmets will be the responsibility of the renter, a fee of €250 will be charged for their disappearance.
  • In case of loss of the vehicle key the customer will have to pay €100.

17. Assistance/ Service

The Lessor also guarantees, free of charge, the provision of assistance service to the lessee, available 24 hours a day, for reporting anomalous situations that occur during the execution of the contract. In these cases, the Customer must contact the assistance service through the contact shown at the front of this contract.


18. Geolocation
The vehicle is equipped with a geolocation system to allow the location of the vehicle in case of theft, robbery, non-return, accident, or breakdown.



The complaints book is available at our office and on our website.

You can also send complaints to our email as well as to the Mobility and Transport Authority