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Madeira Island

Rent, our scooters for a great 
adventure with lots of comfort and style. 

Our motorbikes

Yamaha Tricity 125

Rent Our Motorbikes

Our product differs from the competition and is focused on comfort and safety, combining a great dose of style.

Capacete Mad Coast Rides

Helmet Renting

Our focus is on giving you a substantial amount of security. Rent with our internationally certified helmets.

Mala top case Mad Coast Rides

Protect Your Belongings

Our motorcycles are equipped with a Top Case to provide security to your belongings and greater comfort to the second passenger.

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We are a motorbikes rental company in Madeira Island, focused on providing the best rental experience to our customers.

We want you to have a journey full of comfort, safety, and quality. Our set of motorbikes and additional products (helmets, raincoats among others) are top quality and focused on giving you a great experience.

Madcoast Rides Tricity Quatro Estradas

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If you still have questions about our products or services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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